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By eliminating toxins, infections, and emotional stressors from your environment, and increasing all the good ways we create energy via (water, food, breathing, exercise, healthy relationships, sleep, and mindfulness) we can enjoy greater resilience and live out our purpose!

How would it feel to stay strong amidst change? Both in your body and your mind. Accomplish more without sacrificing your health, and be happy and fulfilled by your work and your life?

It's possible for everyone to move toward greater well-being, peace of mind, and purpose!


Is a science-backed behavior change methodology. It’s not just a bunch of suggestions for how to be healthy and well. It is a way of working with a person, as an ally, to help you:

1) take stock of your wellness

2) envision yourself living your optimal lifestyle 

3) create a real plan to find your way successfully through change

4) track your progress so you know when and how you are being successful 

5) get the accountability and support you need to follow through and make the changes last.

It is a behavioral solution for a behavioral problem!

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In the traditional allopathic care model, if something is wrong with the thyroid, the model says, “treat the thyroid.” 

In contrast, the Functional Medicine model asks how and why illness occurs, and it restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.

It's the answer to some of the most pressing problems in health and healthcare today. A modality that works to not just support, but educates you about what’s going on in your body and how making uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that will shift the terrain and help you meet your goals for your health.



Instead of seeking more information and getting the same results, consider pursuing a new way to solve the problem. SLOW DOWN and listen to the messages your body is sending you. Reframe your efforts with the help of a caring, dedicated, and determined functional guide that will dig deep and go the distance. Together we use systems and frameworks that let you see through the muck of your health challenge so that you can clearly envision a path to sustainable resolution. A change for a lifetime.

The good news is that there are new ways of thinking about health and healing:

1. Precision Medicine (where we recognize that everyone is unique)

2. Omics (where the interconnections between systems are being studied)

3. Epigenetics (which shows us that our genes are not our destiny, since their expression is greatly impacted by the sum of our choices, patterns, and histories).

Functional Medicine is one form of medicine that takes the above principles into account. Our team offers a Functional Nutrition Case Review. Click on the button below to learn more.

(Source: Nakayama, A. The Field Guide to Functional Nutrition, p. 14)

H&W Coaching and Fx Nutrition: Services
Palm Trees

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Taylor for the past few years. She is much more than an incredible coach. She is a patient, compassionate, and well-centered person who truly gives you the necessary tools to unlock your potential on a personal and professional level. I am very grateful for meeting her and for everything she has done with me to help me feel energized about moving forward!" J.S., 33

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